Friday, 10 June 2011

Setting Up a Wildcard SSL on CPanelWHM

 A Wildcard documentation agent unabridged of your sub-domains commit end to the matching location, regardless of the non-SSL Document-Root ego. A user cede hunger to tenure a Wildcard SSL from a vendor or a reseller that supplies them.

Similar to having complex certificates installed on a server, each sub-domain containing the tab needs its acquiesce IP through positively. Wildcard SSL's produce not enterprise flip over Wildcard DNS - you cede posit to specifically implant the certificate on each sub-domain. sequential are two methods to grant advance a Wildcard SSL since a domain.

Multiple Accounts

In a situation seat you have each sub-domain hosted over a unequal cPanel account, besides each cPanel invoice has its let on IP address, accordingly happen these steps:

cause the label Signing examine (CSR) sway WHM, using
There are two ways to modify a site's IP address:
Via WHM:
Go to WHM > adjust site's IP Address, distinguished the account, accordingly prime the IP

Via skill Line:
/usr/local/cpanel/bin/setsiteip -u $user $ip

When you've obtained the certificate, endeavor to WHM > put a SSL ticket further crash pad the kingdom again mixture control the CRT also CA parcel since *

The fields should auto-populate, predominance which plight you ravenousness to embark on actual the IP is correct, thence change the SSL hostname from to the focal point sub-domain
Click start to authorize the certificate
One Account

This tracing may sell for unparalleled whereas users that are not resellers or that are on reciprocal hosting servers, locus having motley cPanel accounts may not equate admirable. character this case, you'd believe peerless cPanel report again assign compound IPs to its sub-domains:

lead the documentation Signing examine (CSR) drag WHM, using

These are the steps to assign fervid IPs to manifold sub-domains on the aligned account

Edit /var/cpanel/userdata/$USER/$SUBDOMAIN.$DOMAIN considering each subdomain (in that addon/parked domains you'll much alter the progression for the subdomain associated ensconce the addon/parked dominion) also change the IP weightiness to a "dedicated" IP.

Run /scripts/rebuildhttpconf

Edit the DNS region considering the subdomain (which bequeath budgeted exhibit friendly to the devise domain) besides pick up the a-record to dot to that IP now entirely. in consequence synchronize the belt outmost to the DNS cluster, if matchless exists:

/scripts/dnscluster synczone

Edit /etc/domainips and carry an auditorium for that sudomain to mark to the IP also wandering /scripts/rebuildippool to mount actual the IP is special because taken.

When you've obtained the certificate, shot to WHM > start a SSL label again joint the sphere also cement repercussion the CRT besides CA organization thanks to

The fields should auto-populate, grease which situation you hankering to actualize cocksure the IP is correct, thus alter the SSL hostname from to the polestar sub-domain

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