Friday, 29 April 2011

Internet Security

Internet safety: Internet security is a term that refers to methods of data and information into the computer to be protected by unauthorized persons. It has become a serious problem in today's world. People who use the Internet should be aware of the problems is that because it was done.
The methods commonly used by people to ensure that information on the network Data Encryption - Encryption of data provides the original information packed into an unintelligible form, decoded using a particular method can be. The form of encryption is called ciphertext.
The use of passwords - Passwords are used to prevent illegal access to data throughout the system is safe. The construction of the passwords must be such that others not easy to guess.
Materials and methods: Different methods for Internet security. Some of them are listed below;
1. Firewall:

A firewall is software that blocks access to a network illegitimate. You need to combine a correct attitude and must be the proxy firewall for a secure system.
2. Based on data:

Data backup system should be conducted regularly, at least information that can not be compensated. I guess if the computer suddenly crashes or the OS does not start due to virus attack to reduce the impact on data security.
3. Virus Attack Prevention:

computers can be affected by viruses, Trojans, worms, etc., because some infected files downloaded from the Internet. These viruses are programs that are easy to install and run when program execution host and cause a malicious attack.
The virus replicated or buried in a function that affects the system files on the computer and leads to corruption of the operating system. These viruses by using antivirus software to detect and cure viruses on your computer can be avoided. These goods are soft in the background, and other programs and prevent the intrusion of malicious attacks.
4. Fatal Links:

You can not prevent your system affected by the virus by avoiding unnecessary links and e-mails. Some links lead to download files unexpectedly. This is a problem of computer security and should therefore be avoided.
5. File sharing: 

In the Internet file sharing, piracy, also joined the original files and affect the speed of the computer. Therefore, the file-sharing software can also be avoided.
6. Router:

Router prevent certain that the connection from the outside on the computer, but allows connections to the outside. Network Address Translation is a software that past performance, low cost and minimal complexity.
7. Spyware Prevention:

Various types of software as a threat to Internet security. The software works in conjunction with another application without user consent, collect information and send it to the manufacturer's software on the Internet. This is known as spyware.
Another warehouse flexible work called ad-ware as a spyware. In addition, access to the Internet and published in CPU cycles, slowing down the computer.
Internet as a whole: It is best to disconnect your computer when not in use. Some Internet connection when the computer is on running. It was designed to prevent the computer from spyware and is free of many attacks by illegal aliens prevented.
Prevent by anti-virus and anti-virus software alone is not the intrusion of viruses.Personal attention is also needed for Internet use. undesirable sites and attractions, links should be avoided. The anti-virus software must be updated to be updated.Therefore, Automatic Updates enabled. Thus, the system is free from threats. 

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